Jeep Door Carrier
U.S. Patent 7,293,681
Designed and Patented by a U.S. Army Veteran
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Road testing and tweaking is moving along. R&D for a regtular guy using his own funds is, in case you didn't know, really, really tough.

Currently, the rack is getting adjusted to accomodate up to a 33 inch spare tire then stress testing will resume once the brackets are extended.

ALSO- I am working on an add-on that will store those unrollable rear side panels! I will have a Door Carrier version and one for folks that don't have it. So no matter what, you can take off those easiest-to-remove toughest-to-store panels! You're welcome.
Robert P. Wills
Author, Inventor, World Changer
I am a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer Four who has been an inventor since I was a kid. I hold three U.S. Patents and have several other innovations in my secret garage...err laboratory.
I also find myself writing pretty regularly. It's important to find oneself regular.

Especially at my age.

(That's me dressed as Captain Blackbeard for the annual Camp Sabalu-Harrison, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 5K and Halloween Contest. I came in second.)