Jeep Door Carrier
U.S. Patent 7,293,681
Designed and Patented by a U.S. Army Veteran
Get Updates on Production!
Road testing and tweaking is moving along. R&D for a regular guy using his own funds is, in case you didn't know, really, really tough. And expensive. No, I’m not interested in Shark Tank.
Currently, the rack is getting adjusted to accommodate up to a 33-inch spare tire then stress testing will resume once the brackets are extended. I pick it up September 4th and start serious road testing.

ALSO- I am working on an add-on that will store those unrollable rear side panels. Now (or then when it’s available), you can take off those easiest-to-remove toughest-to-store panels! You're welcome.

Robert P. Wills
Author, Inventor, World Changer
I am a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer Four who has been an inventor since I was a kid. I hold three U.S. Patents and have several other innovations in my secret garage...err laboratory.
I also find myself writing pretty regularly. It's important to find oneself regular.

Especially at my age.

(That's me dressed as Captain Blackbeard for the annual Camp Sabalu-Harrison, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 5K and Halloween Contest. I came in second.)