Jeep Door Carrier
U.S. Patent 7,293,681
Designed and Patented by a U.S. Army Veteran
Get Updates on Production!
Road testing and tweaking is moving along. R&D for a regular guy using his own funds is, in case you didn't know, really, really tough. And expensive. No, I’m not interested in Shark Tank.
Currently, the rack is getting adjusted to accommodate up to a 33-inch spare tire then stress testing will resume once the brackets are extended. I pick it up September 4th and start serious road testing.

ALSO- I am working on an add-on that will store those unrollable rear side panels. Now (or then when it’s available), you can take off those easiest-to-remove toughest-to-store panels! You're welcome.

My Jeep Door Carrier in Action!
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   My Jeep Door Carrier works with
all YJ, TJ, and JK model Jeeps- two AND four door versions running the stock bumper or one the same dimensions. Those swing out tire bumpers are unfortunately not going to work with my rack.
   My rack will be available for local purchase here in Kissimmee as well as on Amazon (for a safe and secure buying experience). If you are traveling to the Orlando area to a Theme Park o'Fun, I'd be glad to meet you and help you install the rack. I'll even bring the tools! Then you can cruise I-Drive in all your doorless glory!
   The rack breaks down into three parts to store behind the rear seat when you are not using it. A couple of included spider balls will keep it from rattling as you drive around.
The receiver brackets stay mounted to your Jeep, ready for use. They do not extend past your spare tire so they are not a 'shin hazard'. And I have to say, the latest version of them borders on Art.

Leave the Doors at Home? Some Considerations:
Do I bring them along or leave them at home? I have to either put them or my doors in the back seat.
Will it get cooler when it gets dark? Will it rain later?
We want the doors off once we get there, but we don't want to be wind-blown while we drive there on the highway. OR on the way home later in the day/night.
My Jeep Door Carrier is built by a local weld shop right here Orlando, Florida using U.S. Steel.
I think even the boxes from Uline are made in the USA.

I'm not sure about the tape. There's only so much a Veteran can do, folks.